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the big seven + etymology

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por lo menos no nos metieron 7

true fact true fact

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jajajajaja mas bobos! Decime que se siente que te metan 7, seguro siguen parados del dolor de culo que tienen

y seguramente jajaja

la cosa es que se cambiaron de camiseta y nada, jode

pero hay que ver el lado bueno de todo esto y es que somos subcampeones

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un pelotudo le cambio la letra a la cancion y ni rima es mortal ahhahaha

dios mio jajajajaja

"DECIME QUÉ SE SIENTE" es el título de uno de los diarios deportivos de Brasil

Y no sé, más felicidad que ustedes seguramente :/


It’s not Messi’s fault. A lot of pressure on one guy. He did an amazing job and still stands as the best player in the world. So everyone shut up.

Best of the World Cup: Argentina NT.


if you’re going to unfollow me and we are mutuals please tell me so i can unfollow you back !!! :) 

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Argentinians were mostly pissed off at brazilians rooting for literally any other team rather than them, when playing against argentinians.

And that’s true too

— Anonymous: i think this rivality is annoying too, but really, there were a lot of argertine (is that right?) in rio that were making so much fun of brazil for their loss, it seemed they were happier for our loss than for the victory in the semi-finals

Same, rivality is annoying. But fun fact: Brazilians stayed outside the hotel where our team was staying yesterday, throwing fireworks and making loud noises all night so our team couldn’t sleep so………………………………………

But yeah, there were some crazy Argentinian fans out there when Germany won against you

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if u don’t think brazilians shit on argentinians you either don’t live in south america or you’ve never watched football before